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  1. I'm planning to use Copper gutters and downspouts, which will weather into a mottled greenish-gray color after several months. I wanted to see that instead of the shiny new copper. I couldn't find a material in the library to show weathered Copper. After some experiments, I settled on using the textured fabric Crepe, Sage It provides roughly the right color and mottling. Here's what it looks like.
  2. I want to draw an exterior brick wall that meets the exterior brick wall of a house. The exterior wall is 7' tall x 8" wide and has a 3" concrete capstone. I defined a retaining wall, pony type with a footer foundation for this - the lower wall is 8" brick, the upper is 10" concrete. The house walls are brick veneer with interior framing. As soon as I draw the exterior wall close to the house wall, HDP automatically connects the wall and transforms the wall type of the fence to the house wall, and extends it all the way to the top of the second floor. I tried adding breaks but no help. How can I prevent the wall type from being changed in type and size, yet still have it touching the house wall?
  3. I'd placed the room divider around the outside chimney stack because I drew it as a CAD object following a web site tutorial. The divider was necessary to get the porch defined. I'm not sure how it became undefined. But, as you suggested, replacing the divider walls with regular walls allowed the room to be recognized and then defined as a porch. Thanks
  4. Closed and it uploaded fine. I'm not sure exactly what steps I took to generate this model. Getting as far as I did took a lot of experiments and backtracking. But I was able to define the entry room with exterior walls and don't see why the other area is any different. Also, I've noticed an auto-generated phantom attic wall appears on the 2nd floor above the entry room, which I cannot delete. I wonder if that is related to the porch definition problem. 962-Renno-2.plan
  5. Your site complains when I attempt to upload the full file.
  6. I placed a slab with footings on the front of my structure. I drew a hipped roof over the slab. I drew exterior walls on about half of the slab to define an entry room (had to check "Floor under this room" to get the finish floor to be displayed.) I drew a railing that encloses the rest of the slab, expecting to be able to designate this area as a porch. But, HDP will not recognize the railing enclosed area as a room, so I can't define a finish floor - only the concrete slab shows I've tried recreating the railings and replaced the railings with room dividers - no help. How can get the exterior area to be recognized as a porch?
  7. Worked for me. After setting floor default moldings, they wrapped around my fireplace hearth and surround like Kudzu. Made a room with dividers, selected it in perspective doll house view, and then deleted that molding, which cleaned up the problem. Thanks
  8. A few additional notes: Made slab height same as supporting structure. This room for this was on the 2nd floor, so I had to use absolute heights for the slab bottom and top, per room structure panel. Made slab flush to wall. Made the slab same dimensions as the supporting structure for the shelf, then backed the cabinet up to that. Used the cabinet backsplash, changed the thickness and height. Added a custom countertop for the shelf piece Elevation attached. Done for now -- going outside to get eclipsed.
  9. A "reagent shelf" provides a raised ledge over a base cabinet to put stuff - very handy and looks cool. I tried drawing this as a soffit, a railing, and a custom wall type, but none of that worked. Here's a side view of what I'm trying to do. How can I draw a reagent shelf on top of a base cabinet?
  10. My plan has a basement and three floors under a gable roof. There is an attic space between the third floor and the roof. See attached (mostly complete, but needs detail clean up) I can view the basement, 1st, and 2nd floors in the doll house view with the cut-away as expected. But the roof is shown when I select the third floor. Selecting the attic results in the peak of the gable end being removed, with the roof still in place How can I get the doll house view to work correctly for all floors? bob-as-built-missing-cutaway.plan
  11. I'm creating an as-built with HD Pro 2018, Windows 64 bit, running on Windows 10 Pro. I have the floor plans done for all three floors, and am now trying to add in the stairs. The attached sketch shows how the stairs in this house use landings one or two steps under the next higher floor. The stairs/stringers are all in the same vertical plane in all three floors. I upgraded to 2018 to try to use the U-shaped stair feature, but I can't get that to generate openings in the floor, lowered ceilings under the landings, and then connect the short part of the U to the higher floor. Please advise.
  12. I've uploaded the plan file. I am designing a renovation of a 3 story Brick Colonial Revival, built around 1920. I want to create an accurate as-built, then use a copy of that to develop the renovation plan. The file has my work so far - basement, 1st and second floors, detached garage. The third floor is a finished attic underneath a gable roof. The lot slopes up from the street, rising about 15 feet to the Northeast corner. The opposite side has a retaining wall, sidewalk, then street, which curves around most of the southwest side of the lot. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks 962-Plan-1.plan
  13. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2017, build x64 I read the help and searched this forum before asking.
  14. rvbinder

    Detached Garage

    How can I draw a detached garage for a house that has a basement foundation? I was able to add the garage to the first floor plan, but I it has a basement foundation (it should be just a slab), and gets a second floor, when I add the second floor to the house. The garage doesn't have a second floor - just a roof. I added a slab to the garage, but that didn't remove the basement under it. I couldn't remove the second floor without removing the second floor of the house.
  15. I've created a plan with several floors. The lot rises about 10 feet from the street which is curved. The back of the lot is a right angle. How can I add a terrain map with contours to the file floor plans? Would it make sense to start over and then import or copy from the first file? I don't want to re-enter that work .
  16. My floor numbers are off by one. I'm not sure how, but I lost the basement (floor 0) and I can't recreate it. HDP is now showing no floor 0, with the foundation on floor 1. There are three floors in total. How can I reset the whole stack?