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  1. Well ... Let's see how this will go! First time on this and first time on HD Pro. I kinda thought it would be more "intuitive" than it seems to be. Anyway, I can't select the base molding in the room at all in any view. I just need to remove the part under the proposed fireplace scheme so that the tile reaches to the floor. I will have a threshold on the floor but directly on it so raising the threshold doesn't help either. Really don't want to have to go through, room by room, to add base if I just want to get rid of about 4' of it. Take a look at this (and anything else you see that I co
  2. Need to remove 4' of base molding on one wall in order to insert a fireplace and surround as instructed by KB-00744. The surround is not reaching the floor. Only to the top of the base molding. Any help on how to remove just part of the base molding on one wall? Signature doesn't show (yet!) that I am using HD Pro 2016 on a Windows. Thanks
  3. tonybr

    Edit library windows

    Hope I did this part right. Desired size is 20" x 35" Thanks Tony
  4. tonybr

    Edit library windows

    Using HD Arch 15 not Pro as previously stated. Thanks Tony
  5. Eric Used the wrong software title last time. I have Arch 2015 not Pro. That said, the BUILD>FRAMING option is not there for me. If it is, I can't find it. The word "joists" does not show up in the Users Guide and only once in the reference manual under decking overhang. Not sure where to go from here. Not using I-joists. Thanks Tony HD Arch 15 Windows 8.1
  6. tonybr

    Edit library windows

    Eric Sorry.. Didn't understand you post. Here is what I have. #1 is after doing what you did (and I did prior to the original posting) #2 is after closing the "camera window, going back to plan view, checking the size using the "open object" and then going back to camera view and seeing the rectangular window. Just started on drawing this floor plan so it is not very developed yet. Don't know if this makes it any clearer to you. Thanks Tony
  7. Mick Have the same problem but can't find what you all are talking about. I have HD Pro 15 and don't even have "framing" under the defaults box. Beginning to wonder if all of the program didn't download the way it should of (just a couple of days ago) or, more frustratingly, why I paid the extra money for Pro when it isn't giving me anything more than my HD Suite 2006. Thanks Tony HD Pro 15 Windows 8.1
  8. tonybr

    Edit library windows

    Kbird1 I was hoping that it would be something that simple. Unfortunately HD Pro doesn't have that part of the dialog box, or at least I can't seem to get to it. Only have a couple of arches to choose from and the one I want isn't one of them. Seems to be a no-brainer but I can't find any help on this.
  9. tonybr

    Edit library windows

    Solver I did the same thing but when I went back into plan view it changed to rectangular. Did yours stay as an elongated octagon? Thanks
  10. New to Arch 2015 but not HD. I want to put an elongated (up and down) octagonal window in an exterior wall and can't seem to find a way to do it. Using the core library 2020 octagonal and changing the height works in the preview but the window changes to a rectangular one once we go back to plan view. Certainly this is doable somehow in this great program and I am puzzled why I can't find it. Thanks for any help