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    Show General Framing Member in Material List

    Hi Eric, Thanks for looking into this. And thanks for the demo! I forgot to mention I knew about temporarily overwriting the name in the material list (but gets reset when regenerating). It's interesting about the Code field - that would work except as you pointed out the Code field isn't available for a General Framing member in HD 2018. (It is for other members like cabinets). I guess that means it's time to upgrade!
  2. Hello, I'm designing a simple addition and would like to create an accurate Material List. I've used standard build tools in HD to get most of the structure but manually added some plywood sheets. I did so by going to Build>Framing>General Framing, and creating an object. I clicked on the object, opened the Specification dialog and changed the dimensions to a 48"x'96"x5/8" (I also tried the true thickness, 19/32", same result). I also changed the Material to select Plywood, and it shows up as "General Framing Plywood". I saved this. In my Floor Plan and 3D views, it all looks great. But when I generate the Material List, I don't see it called out anywhere. I do see some odd dimensioned joists called out that aren't in my plan. To simplify the situation to help figure it out what I'm not doing right, I started with a blank plan and created just this same member. There is nothing else in the plan. When I create the material list it shows a count of 4 5/8" x 96" joist-lumber in Subfloor. I suppose I could know/remember that in the list this callout is really my plywood but I would like to get something more exacting. I've done other projects where plywood is used with other materials (e.g. floor) and it shows up in the list as plywood. I've looked through Help and don't see anything that helps me. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. I've been using HD Pro 2015 for several months now, having brought a legacy design from 2009 up to date. When I try to generate a Final View or Final View with Shadows my camera screen goes completely black. When I mouse pointer click the screen reverts back to the camera view before Final View. Has anyone experienced this? I've checked settings and everything looks OK. I can generate shadows in preview and generally get a pretty good rendering in preview bit am looking for a bit more polish. Thanks!