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  1. gratepunkin

    Tip: Best 3D Camera View Renderings

    how did you get those cabinet doors to be open?
  2. gratepunkin

    Off-set roof peak

  3. gratepunkin

    Home Designer Pro -or- CA Premier

    the new one is on the website at and also check out the earlier thread on layout
  4. gratepunkin

    loft stairs

    these are very neat
  5. gratepunkin

    how to create vertical shelving/slots in base/wall cabinets

    theres a partition tool you dont need to use soffits they are a different cabinet tool
  6. gratepunkin

    Off-set roof peak

    not in suite you cant
  7. gratepunkin

    Off-set roof peak

    your on the right track with needing to raise the ceiling height in one of the rooms you cant change wall height independently and have roof build like that in this program it all comes down to the maths see below - roof pitch same on both sides but the ceiling height in left room is taller than right
  8. gratepunkin

    black screen

    this works for blank / white views also