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  1. ChiefUserEvalyt

    loft stairs

    i see you meant create with other objects not railing. much more work but doable. thanks
  2. ChiefUserEvalyt

    Tip: Best 3D Camera View Renderings

    great information thank you
  3. ChiefUserEvalyt

    loft stairs

    thank you for your reply. i had to turn off the automatic railing for the stair already and use a manual railing set to follow stair to create these. is that what you meaN? how would i use transform/replicate to move them up higheR?
  4. ChiefUserEvalyt

    loft stairs

    i am trying to recreate the a plan very similar to this photograph and can't get the railing following the stairs to have newels reach up to the loft ceiling even though i have post to ceiling checked. what can i dO? i have pro 17