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Materials Decorative Finishes
    Damascas Stenciling
        Damascus Hexagon
        Damascus Octagon
        Damascus Rectangle 1
        Damascus Rectangle 2
        Damascus Square
        Eyelet Floral
        Loose Lace Vine
        Loose Lace Vine Edge
        Moderate Knit Decorative
        Moderate Knit Decorative Edge
        Ornate Floral Lace
        Sheer Dense Floral Decorative
        Sheer Eyelet Edge
        Tight Knit Floral
    Punched Metal
        Punched Brass
        Punched Copper
        Punched Galvanized
        Punched Stainless
        Punched Tin
    Woven Bamboo and Grass
        Bamboo Aged Slat 
        Bamboo Grass 
        Bamboo Roll-up 
        Bamboo Rounded 
        Matchstick Solid
        Matchstick Thin
        Slat and Dowel

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