Accent and Throw Pillows


Accessories No.13 Pillows

This catalog is flush with plush! Find accent and throw pillows of all shapes, sizes and styles, and toss them into your virtual scenes to zhoosh it up.

Items Included:
    Bed Pillows
        Fluffy Pillow
        Fluffy Pillow with Recess
        Pillow in Pillowcase
        Pillow in Pillowcase with Recess
    Bolsters and Long Pillows
        Cowhide Bolster Pillow
        Elongated Pillow
        Long Bolster Pillow 1
        Long Bolster Pillow 2
        Long Pillow
    Floor/Seat Cushion
        Claude Cushion
        Round Cushion
        Rounded Back Cushion
        Soft Cushion
        Square Firm Cushion
        Square Overstuffed Cushion
    Novelty Pillows
        Flower Pillow
        Moon Pillow
        Panda Pillow
        Penguin Pillow
        Rainbow Pillow
        Star Pillow
        Succulent Pillow
    Tasseled and Fringed Pillows
        Corner Tassel Pillow
        Cowboy Fringe Pillow
        Draped Tassel Pillow
        Four Corner Loose Tassel Pillow
        Fringe Tassel Pillow 1
        Fringe Tassel Pillow 2
        Fringe Tassel Pillow 3
        Pom Grid Pillow
        Ruffled Cushion
        Ruffled Pillow
        Tasseled Throw Pillow
        Thin Looped Pillow
    Throw Pillows
        Banded Pillow
        Chopped Pillow
        Chopped Plump Pillow
        Crumpled Pillow
        Four Seam Pillow
        Lumbar Pillow
        Pillow with Piping
        Quad Chopped Pillow
        Seamed Pillow
        Smooshed Pillow
        Standard Soft Pillow
        Wrinkled Pillow

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