Kitchen Accessories No.6 Containers
Credit Chief Architect Software

Kitchen Accessories No.6 Containers


3D Library - Kitchen Containers

Illustrate how you'll store all-the-things by accessorizing your scenes with bottles, canisters, and other keepers.

Items Included:

Kitchen Accessories No.6 Containers
    Bottles and Jugs
        Bottle 1
        Bottle 2
        Bottle 3
        Bottle 4
        Bottle 5
        Bottle 6
        Bottle 7
        Bottle 8
        Jug 1
        Jug 2
        Jug 3
        Red Wine Bottle
        White Wine Bottle
        Wine Bottle
        Air-Seal Container
        Artesian Canister
        Box Canister
        Canning Jar
        Corked Canisters
        Cylinder Canister
        Elongated Canister
        Honey Pot
        Honey Pot (with Handles)
        Kitchen Compost Bin
        Retro Canister
        Round Canister
        Square Canister (short)
        Square Canister (tall)
        Storage Jar
        Storage Pot
        Vacuum Canister (short)
        Vacuum Canister (tall)


Chief Architect Software
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