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Visualize and accentuate out-buildings with elements common to barns, stables, and tack rooms.

Items included:

Tack Room
    For Riders
        Cowboy Boots
        Cowboy Hat
        Equestrian Field Boots
        Velvet Hunt Cap
        Work Boots
    Horse Stalls
        Arched Horse Stall
            Arched Gate
            Arched Railing Panel
            Barn Door Lock
            Gate Latch
            Lever Lock
        Rectangular Horse Stall
            Rectangular Railing Panel
            Rectangular Stall Door
            Rectangular Stall Roller
            Rectangular Stall Track
        Rustic Horse Stall
            Rustic Railing Panel
            Rustic Stall Door
            Rustic Stall Roller
            Rustic Stall Track
    Horse Tack
        English Bridle
        English Saddle
        English Saddle Pad
        English Saddle Pad Hanging
        Lead Rope
        Livestock Whip
        Riding Crop
        Riding Crop Double
        Roping Saddle
        Training Whip
        Western Saddle Pad
    Stable Supplies
        Cross Tie Ring
        Hay Bale
        Hay Slow Feeder
        Mounting Block
        Muck Bucket
        Muck Bucket in Cart
        Over The Fence Horse Feeder
        Stall Mat
        Wall Mount Hay Feeder
        Bridle Bracket
        Folding Saddle Stand
        Horseshoe Hook
        Metal Wall Mounted Saddle Rack
        Roping Saddle on Stand
        Saddle Stand
        Tack Trunk
        Wall Mounted Saddle Rack

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47 minutes ago, LGallagher said:

Please add horses to the tack room symbol set


I made these from Horse symbols available at 3D Warehouse, you might try them and see if they will import (Library - Import calib-calibz files)




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