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This selection of backdrops includes images from a variety of regions and terrain types. Find the right fit for your scene and camera angle.

Items included:

    Cities & Structures
        Big Easy Neighborhood
        City View 2
        City View 3
        Established Neighborhood
        New England Coast
        Outskirts of Town
        Outskirts of Town 2
        Suburban View
        Autumn Meadow
        Evergreen Hill
        Evergreen Subdivision
        Forest's Edge
        Formal Garden
        Horizon Rain
        Monte Verde
        Prairie Home
        Sage Land
        Scrub Brush Hill
        Tall Trees
        Temperate Ranch
        Uphill Lot
        Wild Meadows
        Wildflower Hills
        Autumn Mountains
        Banana Grove
        Cedar Grove
        Cedars Landing
        Forested Path
        Golden Forest
        New England Forest
        Rain Forest Overlook
        Tropical Forest
    Lakes & Rivers
        Flaming Gorge
        Foothills Lake
        Hayden Lake
        Lakefront Dawn
        Lakeshore Views
        River's Edge
        Wonsqueak Harbor
    Ocean Beaches
        Banana Beach
        Beach Huts
        Gazebo Beach
        New England Slough
        Ocean Islands
        Ocean View
        Rainbow Beach
        Sunny Beach
        Tropical Cape
        Windy Sea
        Brassy Sunset
        Cloudy Sunset
        Dusk Overlook
        Forest Sunset
        Palouse Dawn
        Pink Sunset
        Sunset Over Lake
    Spherical and Panoramic
        City View Panoramic
        Fall Meadow Panoramic
        Fog Over Forest Panoramic
        Grandview Spherical
        Granite View Spherical
        Hecla Spherical
        Lodge View Panoramic
        North Pines Panoramic
        Welch-Dickey Loop Panoramic
        Resort View
        Snow Lot
        Snowy Farm
        Snowy Hemlocks
        Snowy Homestead
        Snowy Lot

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