Man Cave No.1 Outdoorsman


3D Library - Man Cave No.1 Outdoorsman

Hunting and Fishing Enthusiasts can bring the outdoors inside with this Man Cave catalog.

Items included:

Man Cave No.1 Outdoorsman
    Animal Sculptures
        Crowned Crane Sculpture
        Painted Rhino Sculpture
        Paper Mache Antelope
        Paper Mache Antlers Large
        Paper Mache Antlers Small
        Paper Mache Ox
        Paper Mache Rhino
        Female Mallard Decoy
        Goose Decoy
        Goose Decoy on Stand
        Male Mallard Decoy
        Swan Decoy
        Fishing Pole Rack
        Fishing Pole Rack with Poles
        Fly Fishing Pole
        Fly Fishing Pole Vertical
        Reel Fishing Pole
        Reel Fishing Pole Vertical
        Split Willow Creel
        Wooden Fish Large
        Wooden Fish Small
        Archaeologist Hat
        Ball Cap
        Brimmed Fishing Hat
        Crocodile Hunter Hat
        Hat Stand 1
        Hat Stand 2
        Jones Cap
        Safari Hat
        Trapper Hat
            Arrows Wall Mount
            Bow Stand with Bows
            Recurve Bow
            Wooden Hunting Bow 50 inch
            Wooden Hunting Bow 60 inch
        Firearms and Cabinets
            Gun Cabinet
            Gun Cabinet with Rifles
            Hunting Rifle
            Short Display Cabinet
        Spotting Scope
        Spotting Scope with Stand
            Crowned Crane Head
            Crowned Crane Standing
            Sage Grouse
            Double Trout Mount
            Single Trout Mount
            Triple Trout Mount
            Bear Skin Rug
            Mountain Lion Rug
            Deer Antler Wall Mount
            Deer Full Mount
            Deer Head Wall Mount
            Deer Head Wall Mount on Wood
            Gazelle Head Mount
            Moose Antler Wall Mount
            Moose Head Wall Mount
            Moose Skull
            Mountain Goat Head
            Mountain Goat on Rock
            Water Buffalo Head Wall Mount
            Wild Boar Head

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