Exterior Arbors and Planters


3D Library - Exterior Arbors and Planters

Exterior Arbors and Planters. Accessorize your Decks and Outdoor Spaces with these landscape objects.

Items included:

Exterior Arbors and Planters
        Broken Arch Arbor 1
        Broken Arch Arbor 2
        Broken Arch Arbor 3
        Mini Round Top Arbor
        Rectangular Arbor 1
        Rectangular Arbor 2
        Round Top Garden Arbor 1
        Round Top Garden Arbor 2
        Round Top Garden Arbor 3
        Shade Arbor 1
        Shade Arbor 2
        Beaded Urn
        Column Planter
        Cottage Planter
        Cylindrical Planter
        Hexagon Planter (large)
        Hexagon Planter (small)
        Lap Planter (large)
        Lap Planter (small)
        Pedestal Planter (short)
        Pedestal Planter (tall)
        Small Mouth Urn
        Tapered Planter (large)
        Tapered Planter (small)
        Trimmed Planter (large)
        Trimmed Planter (small)
        Wide Mouth Urn

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