3D Library - Cubicles

Cubicle partitions, cabinets, counters, modules, and work stations help to visualize available space and flow for offices and professional areas.

Items included:

        Countertop Corner
        Countertop Three Drawer Cabinet
        Countertop Three Drawer Cabinet
        Countertop Two Drawer Cabinet
        Countertop Two Drawer Cabinet
        Cubicle Wall Full-Glass
        Cubicle Wall Full-Glass Short 
        Cubicle Wall Half-Glass 
        Cubicle Wall Half-Glass Short 
        Cubicle Wall Long
        Cubicle Wall Medium
        Large Cubicle No Walls
        Medium Cubicle No Walls
        Small Cubicle No Walls
        Wall Cabinet
        1 Station U Shape Cubicle
        2 Station Cubicle Extended
        6 Station Double Cubicles
        Double Cubicle End
        Double Cubicle Open End
        Large Cubicle End
        Large Cubicle Glass End
        Large Cubicle Open End
        Medium Cubicle End
        Medium Cubicle Glass End
        Medium Cubicle Open End
    Work Stations
        1 Station Pod
        1 Station Surface
        2 Station Pod
        2 Station Surface
        3 Station Pod
        3 Station Surface
        4 Station Pod
        Small 6 Station Cubicles
        Small Station End
        Small Station Open End
        Small Triple Station End
        Small Triple Station Open Back

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