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X10/2019 place as freestanding objects and using the <CTRL> + MOVE feature to place inside of cabinets, or leverage the feature to insert objects directly into cabinet face.

X9/2018 and prior attach these storage pieces to Cabinets as Door Panels to automatically create customized cabinets great for office, wine, mudroom, or any other design with unique storage needs.

Items included:

Cabinet Specialty Storage
        Built-In Cushion
    Diagonal & Cross Storage
        Cross Storage
        Cross Storage Deep
        Diagonal Left
        Diagonal Right
        Diagonal Tall Left
        Diagonal Tall Right
        X Storage
        X Storage Side-by-Side
        X Storage Stacked
    Letter & File Storage
        Letter Storage
        Letter Storage Tall
        Spacer File Storage
        Spacer File Storage Narrow
        Spacer File Storage Wide
        Chamfered Deep Shelf
        Wine Shelf Triangles
        Wine Shelf Triangles Wide
    Storage Cubes
        1 Column
            Cubes 10x1
            Cubes 3x1
            Cubes 6x1
        10 Columns
            Cubes 10x10
            Cubes 1x10
            Cubes 2x10
            Cubes 3x10
            Cubes 6x10
        2 Columns
            Cubes 10x2
            Cubes 3x2
            Cubes 6x2
        3 Columns
            Cubes 10x3
            Cubes 3x3
            Cubes 6x3
        6 Columns
            Cubes 10x6
            Cubes 3x6
            Cubes 6x2
            Cubes 6x6

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