Country Primitives / Farmhouse No.1


3D Library - Country Primitives / Farmhouse No.1

This catalog includes furniture and antique pieces that harken back to a simpler time. Leverage them as you detail homes in the Federal, Colonial, Country, and popular Modern Farmhouse styles.

Items included:

Country Primitives / Farmhouse No.1
        Bow Mirror
        Bushel Basket
        Mini Clock 1
        Mini Clock 2
        Mini Clock 3
        Mini Clock 4
        Pencil Jar
        Picnic Basket
        Postcard Collection
        Primitive Raven
        Primitive Rocking Horse
        Toilet Paper Stand
        Weathervane Peacock
        Weathervane Rooster
        Wire Apple Basket
            Birmingham Sconce 1
            Birmingham Sconce 2
            Birmingham Sconce 3
            Birmingham Sconce 4
        Vintage School Lights
            Northwestern 1
            Northwestern 2
            Northwestern 3
    Wren Bedroom Set
        Wren Bed
        Wren Bookcase
        Wren Changing Table
        Wren Country Chair
        Wren Crib
        Wren Daybed
        Wren Desk
        Wren Dresser
        Wren Nightstand
        Wren Trundle

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