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Interesting and fun Door Panels for unique designs. Use parametric door features, like Arch, Type, and Hardware settings to fit the doorway construction to these door panels. A selection of these doors are out-swinging and are designed to be used without door casing. Chief Architect users can leverage the "Reverse Interior/Exterior" option to change the swing direction of asymmetric doors.

Items included:

Doors No.3 Specialty
    Beaded Curtains
        Beaded Curtain - Bamboo
        Beaded Curtain - Wood
    Bookcase Doors
        Bookcase Inswing Door
        Bookcase Outswing Door
    Novelty Doors
        Hobbit Door
        Police Box Door
        Police Box Top
        Star Ship Door
    Saloon Doors
        Saloon Door 01
        Saloon Door 02
        Saloon Door 03
        Saloon Door 04
        Saloon Door 05
        Saloon Door 06
        Saloon Door 07
        Saloon Door 08
    Security Doors
        Airlock Hatch Outswing Door
        Naval Hatch Outswing Door
        Safe Door
        Ship's Hatch Door
        Vault Outswing Door

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