Vintage Industrial No.6 Steampunk


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A twist on the Vintage Industrial style, these items often hint at the elegance of the Victorian period in their mechanically focused makeup. Accessories include clocks and frames, even book vises and a terrarium. Also find lighting, chairs, and tables.

Items included:

Vintage Industrial No.6 Steampunk
        Barrel Top Mirror
        Book Press
        Bookshelf Frame Empty
        Bookshelf Frame Long
        Bookshelf Frame Short
        Cast Iron Nutcracker
        Gearworks Clock
        Global Fan
        Rockefeller Clock
        Square Terrarium
        Toilet Paper Cloud
        Victorian Binoculars
        Victorian Birdcage
        Vintage Lab Sink
        Alight Lamp
        Articulated Pendant
        Brunch Chandelier 1
        Brunch Chandelier 2
        Clockwork Table Lamp
        Edison Bookend
        Edison Bookend Set
        Gentleman's Pendant
        Insulator Pendant
        Plank Chandelier 
        Transylvania Pendant
        Aviator Chair
        Brunel Chair
        Industrial Bar Stool
        Apothecary Table
        Clamp Side Table
        Cullen Coffee Table
        Infamous Side Table
        Media Easel
        Palette End Table
        Sprocket End Table
        Textile Mill Console Table
        Textile Mill Dining Table

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