Bathroom Accessories No.1


3D Library - Bathroom Accessories No.1

Shower fixtures, soap dishes, and other accessories for adding polish to bathroom designs.

Items included:

Bathroom Accessories No.1
    Bathroom Bottles
        Large Bottle
        Large Pump Top Bottle
        Round Glass Bottle
        Rounded Bottle - Standard
        Rounded Bottle - Thin
        Small Pump Top Bottle
        Travel Bottle
    Shower Hardware
        Body Spray Heads & Steam Ports
            Adjustable Head Down
            Adjustable Head Front
            Adjustable Head Side
            Adjustable Head Up
            Steam Port
            Steam Port Large
            Steam Port Overhead
        Shower Heads & Controls
            Elongated Shower Head
            Hand Held Shower Head
            Loure Showerhead
            Loure Volume Control
            Rail Mounted Shower Head
            Shower Head
            Shower Panel
            Shower Panel with Steam Ports
            Strip Drain
            Thin Shower Handle
            Thin Volume Control
        Shower Assembly 1
        Shower Assembly 2
    Soap Dishes
        Bamboo Soap Dish
        Bar Soap
        Built-In Corner Soap Dish
        Built-In Soap Dish
        Built-In Soap Dish w/ Handle
        Classic Soap Dish
        Glycerin Bar Soap
        Glycerin Round Soap
        Modern Soap Dish
        Rounded Soap Dish
        Wall Mount Glass Soap Dish
        Warped Bathroom Tray
        Warped Soap Dish
    Toilet Tissue
        Toilet Paper Basket 1
        Toilet Paper Basket 2
        Toilet Paper Holder 1
        Toilet Paper Holder 2
        Toilet Paper Holder 3

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