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Landscaping Accents. Catalog includes lattice, fountains, garden statues, and other accents to add to yards and outdoor spaces.

Items included:

Landscaping Accents
        Flagpole w/ Flag
        Wall Mounted Flag
        Arched Footbridge
        Arched Footbridge (no rail)
        Arched Footbridge (radial rail)
        Asian Footbridge
        Country Footbridge
        Straight Footbridge
            Andante Lattice
            Angelo Lattice
            Diagonal Lattice
            Diagonal Lattice (square)
            Lattice Long
            Lattice Medium
            Brick Lattice 1
            Brick Lattice 2
            Crescendo Lattice
            Ibiza Lattice
            Isaura Lattice
            Lattice Long
            Lattice Medium
            Provence Lattice
    Lawn Edging
        Brick Edging
        Log Edging
        Picket Corner
        3 Tier Pagoda
        Buddha Head
        Gazing Ball
        Hooded Figure Statue
        Horse Head Statue
        Japanese Lantern
        Stone Lantern
        Sundial 1
        Sundial 2
        90 Degree Fan Trellis
        Fan Trellis
        Plant Pillar
        Pyramid Trellis
        Round Top Trellis
    Water Features
        Artesian Well
        Bird Bath
        Bird Bath 1
        Bird Bath 2
        Fleur Wall Fountain
        Fountain 1
        Fountain 1A
        Fountain 2
        Fountain 3
        Fountain 4
        Fountain 5
        Fountain 6
        Jug Fountain
        Lion Wall Fountain
        Low Bird Bath
        Modern Fountain
        Potted Wall Fountain
        Rock Pond
        Terraced Wall Fountain
        Two Tier Fountain
        Urn Fountain
        Water Pump
        Wind Chimes

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As an interior designer, there is little to no decor in this program. I have bought several of the furniture packages you offer but as for art and decor, you are in need of a serious update. I can not sell a design that is dated and not on trend. The display settings are hard to see what your choices are, and moving and changing out options is slow and clunky. I did a sims house model in a third of the time it took me to complete my mock-up and it looked better and more current.

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