Kitchen Accessories No.4 Barware


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A nearly complete set of glassware and barware will outfit your spaces like the best mixologist. Fourth of 5 catalogs refreshed and derived from the "Kitchen Accessories" group of items.

Items included:

Kitchen Accessories No.4 Barware
    Cocktails and Goblets
        Banquet Goblet Glass
        Cosmopolitan Cocktail Glass
        Footed Irish Coffee Glass
        Footed Rocks Glass
        Goblet Schooner Glass
        Hurricane Glass
    Highballs and Beer Glasses
        Cooler Glass
        Double Bulge Iced Tea Glass
        Faceted Cooler Glass
        Footed Pilsner Glass
        Highball Footed Glass
        Highball Tumbler Glass
        Iced Tea Glass
        Pilsner Glass
        Pilsner Weizen Glass
        Pint Glass
        Pub Pint Glass
        Seidel Glass
        Zombie Glass
        Brandy Service Tray
        Martini Pitcher
    Shots and Aperitifs
        Cordial Glass
        Double Shooter Glass
        Footed Cordial Glass
        Marked Shot Glass
        Sherry Glass
        Shot Glass
        Single Shooter Glass
        Brandy Snifter
        Flute Glass
        Footed Iced Tea Glass
        Grande Wine Glass
        Margarita Saucer Glass
        Margarita Welled Glass
        Martini Glass
        Poco Grande Glass
        Red Wine Glass
        Teardrop Goblet Glass
        White Wine Glass
        Beverage Tumbler Glass
        Double Rocks Glass
        Old Fashioned Glass
        Rocks Glass

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