Farm and Ranch


Agriculture No.1 Farm and Ranch

Set up spaces for livestock, orchards, irrigation, and general agriculture. Pair with Tack Room, Vehicles, Silhouettes, and other catalogs.

Create pole barns and post and beam structures to house your objects.

Items Included:
        Cattle Guard
        T Post
        Utility Fence Panel
        Utility Gate - Large
        Utility Gate - Medium
        Utility Gate - Small
        Wire Filled Fence Panel
        Wire Filled Gate - Large
        Wire Filled Gate - Medium
        Wire Filled Gate - Small
        Center Point Irrigation - End
        Center Point Irrigation - Middle
        Center Point Irrigation - Pivot
        Wheel Line Irrigation
        Wheel Line Irrigation - Double Wheel
        Wheel Line Irrigation - Wheel
        Wheel Line Irrigation Water Main
        Bail Feeder
        Cow Brush
        Grain Feeder Trough
        Hay and Grain Feeder
        Hay Bale
        Hay Rack
        Hay Rack - Wall
        Round Bale Feeder
        Round Hay Bale
        Round Tub
        Salt Lick Block
        Stock Tank
        Stock Tank - Oblong 
        Stock Tank - Round 
        Bushel Basket
        Forced Air Propane Heater
        Fruit Bin - Plastic
        Fruit Bin - Wood
        Fruit Pouch
        Orchard Ladder
        Orchard Ladder Collapsed
        Orchard Snakes
        Picking Bucket
        Picking Pole
        Propane Heater
        Pyramid Orchard Heater
        Scare Balloon
        Smudge Pot Orchard Heater

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