Photography Studio


Hobbies No.4 Photography

Whether it is for a hobby or an established professional, you can set the scene for a photographer's studio with these objects.

Items Included:
    Camera - DSLR
    Camera - Studio
    Camera Drone
    Camera Drone Controller
    Camera Lens 1
    Camera Lens 2
    Camera On Tripod
    Diffuser - Balloon
    Diffuser - Barn Door
    Diffuser - Filter
    Diffuser - Light Cover
    Diffuser - Soft Grid
    Gimbal Phone Camera
    Hard Body Case
    Hard Body Roller Case
    Light Panel
    Par Light
    Parabolic Umbrella
    Photography Light Box
    Reflector Case
    Rigid Case
    Ring Light
    Ring Light with Phone Camera
    Soft Body Bag
    Spotlights on Tripod
    Studio Backdrop
    Tripod 1
    Tripod 2
    Tripod Case
    Tripod Collapsed
    Video Camera On Tripod
    Wide Angle Crystal Ball

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