Boho Style 3D Objects


Boho No.2

The natural and lush materials and shapes in this catalog will help you create cozy, comfortable, and relaxing atmospheres.

Items included:
        Burl Bowl
        Essential Oil
        Essential Oil Diffuser
        Global Jar
        Large Ring Planter
        Lotus Candle Holder
        Stacked Rocks 1
        Stacked Rocks 2
        Tall Planter
        Vase on Planter Stand
    Fur Accessories
        Furry Blanket
        Furry Blanket 2
        Furry Indoor Swing
        Furry Pillow
        Furry Rug
        Antique Buffet Cabinet
        Colossal Coffee Table
        Corner Coat Rack
        Slab Coffee Table
        Bee Hive Light 1
        Bee Hive Light 2
        Bee Hive Light 3
    Macrame and Weaving
        Boho Hammock
        Dreamcatcher 1
        Dreamcatcher 2
        Macrame Wall Hanging 1
        Macrame Wall Hanging 2
        Macrame Wall Hanging 3
        Macrame Wall Hanging 4
        A-Frame Chair
        Bentwood Arm Chair
        Cane Chair
        Curved Side Chair
        Hollow Frame Chair
        Hoop Chair
        Hoop Side Table
        Platform Sofa
        Pod Suspended Chair
        Reed Chair
        Reed Footstool
        Retro Footstool
        Sling Chair
        Stretched Canvas Rocking Chair
        Upholstered Bench
        Wavy Chair

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