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I am working in Home Designer Pro and I am trying to send a plan to layout and keep it at 1/4' per 1' scale. The drawing is too big so I set up to print on a 30 x 48 sheet. The trouble I am having is I cannot adjust the layout boxes to fit the new sheet size. There is no grab handle and I prefer not to redraw everything. Any tips?

Screen Shot 2024-03-30 at 6.31.18 PM.png

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is 30x48 even a paper size?


Engineers like ANSI size paper:

I know 34x44 is ANSI E size which is great because when printed it can be folded up to an A size 8.5x11


Architects for some reason like bigger paper 

36x48 is ARCH E

30x42 is some new ARCH E1 size.


yeah I know no help sorry but I am curious your paper size is different.

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