Pony Walls, Sills and Lintels in Brick Walls


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I'm currently using Home Designer Suite 2015.  There are some exterior design details I'd like to depict in my plan that Suite doesn't seem to be able to do.


I'm thinking of moving from Suite to Architectural 2016 to get exterior pony walls since I'd like to have two finishes within the same wall.  Does Architectural allow second floor pony walls if I want to run brick all the way onto the second floor exterior wall?


Also, I would like to be able to add a sill on top of a brick pony wall.  I'm looking for a similar effect to when I choose a different material for a rail than for panels or balusters when specifying railing.  Does Architectural support this?


Which version would I have to use for exterior sills and lintels on windows?


Finally, Is there a way to depict horizontal stripe on an exterior wall?


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This Product Matrix will answer some of those questions , use the PDF Find function , to look up the Tools you want


HD2016 Product comparison-matrix.pdf


The 2nd floor would just be a standard brick wall , no need for a Pony wall there...HDA does have Pony Walls but doesn't have all the features of Pro, but may do what you need it to.


Only Pro has window Sills and Aprons and Lintels AFAIK (check matrix above)


The horizontal stripe maybe able to be done if the Version has the "Wall Covering Option" in the Wall's DBX when you open it.




Why don't you just download the HDA 2016 Trial ( or Pro) and try it out?





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To follow up, I did upgrade to Architectural 2016 to get the pony wall feature.  Also, I was able to depict simple sills and lintels using the soffit tool.  I'm learning that when all else fails, the soffit tool usually comes to the rescue ;-)

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