.plan file exported to .dwg then imported back in to .plan


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2023-01-10 UPDATE:  It's a problem in the program's coding.  There is no way to avoid this.

Can someone tell me how to stop the text from shifting left and up more and more with each export to .dwg?  Open the attached .plan files in numeric order and you will see what I mean.  Sure, I could just do the export once, but there is still a shift and sometimes you need to add more views and upload the entire file to a CAD file again.  Keeping a Master file would be an option, but the first .dwg export still shifts all the text.  I didn't zip these because I didn't want any other factors added to the mix of what could be causing this problem.

Home Designer Pro 2021

1_Beginning File.plan 2_First dwg export.dwg 3_First import of dwg.plan 4_second dwg export.dwg 5 Second import of dwg.plan 6_Third dwg export.dwg

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Added update to state this is a problem with the program
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