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I am totally new to HomeDesigner Pro and have a hard time drawing the roof of the home.


It has the following:


1. Double gable at the front of the home

2. Front porch with a hip roof. 

3. Side stairway tower with a Gable Roof

4. The rear of the home would be a hip which extends over the rear screen porch. 


Really Struggling EC03 92 Davis Love.plan

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Please post questions in General Q&A. Tips & Techniques is where you share your tips and techniques.


Please post images directly -- no need to make a PDF of an image. This makes it easier for others as an image shows in the forum.


Make sure you close Pro prior to attaching your plan file.


Please delete this thread via Moderator Actions near the top of the page.

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I am struggling with completing this roof over the stair tower.   Right wall of stair tower is designated as Hip Wall but shows a gable.   


When manually altering main roof it deletes the front porch hip roof. 


Also, have a hard time with intersection into main roof.  


How do you draw columns manually?




EC03 92 Davis Love Temporary.plan EC_03_Study-Set.pdf

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