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  1. Carden Cottage Elevated Rev 03 05222022.plan This is for Home Designer Pro 2021 I am having difficulty with three details: 1. Front Porch Hip roof needs to be at lower elevation of home and is shown at top elevation. Need to move this down. 2. Rear middle portion of roof plan needs to be a Gable. On auto generate is was placing a high shed roof. (seems to conflict with # 3 below) 3. The rear middle portion of the roof has a Gable (Similar to the front of the home) with a shed roof over a deck/porch below. Need to correct these 3 roof related issues. Having difficulty with indicating the autgenerate wall details for the High Roof (Gable) and Low Roof over porch (Shed). (The home is drawn as an elevated 1.5 story home which I think is adding to the conflicts. ) 4. On right rear section of home while trying to place an Auto Dormer it states " Cannot find walls for the room for which the back of this dormer should connect" - How is this repaired/Fixed? Dont have the issue on the Rear Left side. I have been able to navigate just about everything except these 4 items. Very happy with this software. Tips and Help greatly appreciated. Joe Pariano Sago Architect Beginner Carden Cottage Elevated Rev 03 05222022.plan
  2. How do I raise wall heights and a 3 sided hip roof to make the stair tower similar on EC03 study plan set? Also, how do you manually draw columns? jmpariano HomeDesigner Pro 21 EC_03_Study-Set.pdf EC03 92 Davis Love Temporary.plan
  3. Hello all, I am trying to "pop up" a roof tower over the stairwell of this plan. There would be a hip on 3 sides of the tower and then return into main roof. How do I POP UP the walls (plate Heights) and tie into main roof with a hip on 3 sides? Also, how do you manually draw columns on an elevation? The 92 Davis Love Temp is the actual plan and the EC03 Study Set is the inspiration. Thanks all. jmpariano Home Designer Pro 2021 EC03 92 Davis Love Temporary.plan EC_03_Study-Set.pdf
  4. Thank you for your reply. Will do on the new posting. What other comment please? Joe
  5. Anybody know how to pop up the stair tower on this plan with a Hip on 3 sides and tie it into the main house roof? EC 03 study set is the inspiration of this detail and 92 Davis love the current plan.
  6. I am struggling with completing this roof over the stair tower. Right wall of stair tower is designated as Hip Wall but shows a gable. When manually altering main roof it deletes the front porch hip roof. Also, have a hard time with intersection into main roof. How do you draw columns manually? EC03 92 Davis Love Temporary.plan EC_03_Study-Set.pdf