Terrain, and exterior stairs for walkout style house.


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Using Home Designer Suite 2021.

I am not sure I did the terrain correctly, and as a result I am having problems connecting stairs from a patio on the first floor to a patio on a walkout basement.

Key points:

  • The home site is a flat area on the crest of a steep hill
  • The house will be set back about six feet from the edge of the hill
  • Retaining walls will extend from the house to cut out the hill, allowing for a basement walkout onto a lower level patio.


Any pointers would be appreciated.

single story with basement v0.plan

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The top of the stairs fail to connect to the 1st floor. If you right click on the stairs and select auto connection you get an error message.

I eventually figured the issue out. Yes, I had the terrain defined incorrectly.

I used a terrain region and set it as the floor for the lower patio. After watching a few videos on pools, I eventually figured out I need to instead use the terrain feature, and set the height to the -96; e.g. the floor of the basement patio.

Now just to figure out why it is complaining about my knee wall and why my retaining walls do not extend downward.

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