Flame issue with plants


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For my deck/pool plan I created fire columns with flames using this approach:  https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-01830/creating-a-fire-or-flame.html.  I used a standard "closed box" shape vs. a polyline solid since I only have HDPro.


However, in my walkthrough, when any part of a plant is directly behind a flame, the plant renders as if it is in front of the flame?  Below is the video and you can see this problem at:  

  • 1:35... various plants obscure the parts of the flame
  • 2:37... the tree leaves obscure most of the flame, and
  • at 2:50 exactly... the entire flame is obscured by the dense crepe myrtle


Is this a walkthrough render bug in HDPro or is it an expected behavior and I need to change something?  I appreciate any help on why this is happening.





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