Need help aligning multiple shed roof planes


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Hello, I am working on a modern house design with a shed roof. I would like the roof lines of the three sections I have highlighted to be one, large, contiguous plane. Ideally, I would prefer the pink highlighted roof planes to align with the blue highlighted roof plane. I have tried to adjust the heights of the hip walls at the front of the house to compensate, however, this has not worked (likely user error, lol). The roof lines in the back of the house extend to cover the back patio and I would like them at the same height so I can use a single carrying beam along the back of the house (highlighted green). The other beam will be higher by the master bedroom of course (highlighted yellow). What can I do to accomplish my goal please? Thank you for the help! (I am using Home Designer Pro 2021, Build, June 8, 2020)



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