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Hi my name is Michael,

  I've bought a Home Designer product for the 1st time ever (Essentials) and I love it but there is one slight problem.  I noticed that we need more features on Essentials 2014. What do you guys think about this?  What kinds of things should be changed or added onto in Essentials?

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Well you have purchased the cheapest Option of all the HD titles and most of what you want is in the Suite Title already (or Architectural), You don't get Manufacuter's Libraries with Essentials as far as I know ,eg there are shingles in the Certainteed library which Suite can use , are you sure there isn't siding options in the Library under content>materials>siding ?


 you can always use the items available and play around with them, to make the 3d images look like what you want if you can't upgrade now to Suite.


That being said the 2015 titles come out on the 30th ,so if you just got 2014 you are eligible for a free upgrade (30 day limit) see this post here and the guarantee.


Personally I started with suite and have worked upto Pro over the last 6-7 years... if you upgrade the following yr you get a rebate equal to what you paid against the new title, eg you will get your $59 back if you upgrade to Suite 2015 which I think is $99?


here is the link, its says MAC but applies to both.



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