Plant Objects won't 'open' screen to modify

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I'm using Home Designer pro 2017. I can open objects such as cabinets etc. to modify them, but when I try to open a terrain object like a tree,  it just dings at me and nothing shows up on my screen.. the top menu bar also greys out. it shows highlighted and ready but its like it opens is some hidden screen on my laptop I can't access - Help please!   


Also -- when I try to 'grow' my plants/trees by just 1 year -- they grow to full size. even though I'm just selecting a very short period such as 6 months or 12 months - i.e. my white pines grow to like 50+ feet tall.... To that end - wondering if you can just grow some tress such as if you highlight one vs. growing 'ALL' plants?

Thank you!
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