Resize brick dimensions in Home Designer Arch 10

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How do I change the brick sizes in the library for calculating the material list.

In South Africa standard brick size is 222x106x73 mm, the closest I got was Brick-Red-4 (48x128x222), but then the amount of bricks required in the material list is wrong.


Thank you.


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Hi David


Thank you for the videos...


But unfortunately it didn't solve my problem:


1) If I use the Brick types (Brick-Red-3,4,5...) supplied by HomeDesigner, it calculates the number of Bricks for a length of wall in the Material List.

2) It also shows the dimensions of an individual brick in the description column of the Material List e.g. (48x128x222 mm)

3) How can I edit these dimensions for South African brick sizes, so that it calculates the correct number of Bricks for our local bricks.

4) When I copied the Brick-Red-4 brick to my local Library and used that, the Material List changed from showing the number of bricks needed to just the square area of the wall - leaving me to calculate the number of bricks required by using the total area of the wall.

5) Is there a why to edit the individual brick dimensions in Home Designer 10, so that number of bricks calculation in the Material List is correct per local standards.


Thank you. 


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hi David - did you find an answer?

I have a similar problem I think.

The materials list for block count when using masonry block over estimates the number of blocks. Reason - block dimension is wrong.


    128x256x190    Brown-Blocks Running Bond    6578    0

the blocks appear to be 400x200x190 in the images, but not in the materials list.

Thoughts anyone?

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