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Roof Walls

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I built my first version of this house fine, but since I changed some of the design and roofing per my friends request, that I'm designing it for, things have went south.  The gable on the left I was finally able to build an attic wall to fill in the gable.  However these other walls are driving me crazy.  1) The center gable will not allow me to modify the existing auto attic wall and when I draw a manual attic wall, the program won't allow me to fill in the shape of the gable with it.  2) How do I fill in the wall voids to the right of the center gable.  I want the gable roof to just slant the interior ceiling and I want to avoid building a wall around it in the room.  3) Why would walls now pop through the roof, as on the right.


Any help is appreciated.  As I mentioned, my first experience wasn't too bad but this time it's driving me nuts.






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