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blurry printing

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Help , I am doing a plan in Home Designer Pro 2019 (almost done) and created a back-clipped cross section for wall section detail , everything is going well I created details , typed in all the details of foundation , exterior wall , roof etc. Sent it to layout , Re-sized and rotated it to fit the page 11 x 17 tabloid now when I print everything comes out Blurry , can't read the notes they are all blurry the line weights seem to be to aggressive (I never changed any of those) . I have tried changing and resizing the Fonts , printing slightly different size , nothing seems to cure the issue

The title page block prints just fine all it is the Back Clipped Cross Section I created prints blurry . ALL other pages , foundation plan , floor plan , roof plan etc. printed fine.

My printer is an EPSON Work Force WF-7720 , I don't think the printer is the issue.

Please Help. Need this for end of week.



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