Room material list vs All Floors material list

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I'm new to Home Designer and I think I am missing some basic concepts. To demonstrate I've created a small shed using the default template. I have redefined the walls to have pine tongue and groove siding, and the exterior is a barn red board and batten. When I do a materials list on the room only, it yields a reasonable estimate of how many lineal feet of T&G would be necessary. When I do a materials list on "All Floors" it includes not only the tongue and groove for the interior walls, but also enough drywall to cover the walls a second time. Furthermore, the "All Floors" material list shows default lap siding, with no sign of the board and batten I have specified. 


Is it a limitation of the Suite version that I can't override some of these default settings? Related: Is there any way to specify my own materials (e.g. 6" tongue and groove instead of the 4")




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