How to reset camera zoom?


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I have a set of cameras set up around my project, named appropriately. When I edit the active camera for each one, I see that all settings are "default".


The mouse wheel appears to zoom the camera, however I can find no way to reset this zoom to the default, and the settings on the camera all still show default after zooming. After a while, the zoom becomes so distorted that I end up having to delete the camera and create a new one.


I find it very difficult to manually restore the correct zoom, so is there a way to reset the camera zoom?


I'm using Home Designer Suite 2015.


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I don't know of a "center view" key if that is what you are asking , all 3D views are dynamic ,so I don't know if it's possible ? ,though it would be handy as you say :) , like you I usually just close the view and reopen it.


Mouse Wheel zoom in 3D doesn't affect the camera ,as you have noticed , it works like a digital camera using digital zoom , ie it is just "cropping" the existing image.


per the manual


Zooming With

the Mouse Wheel

Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out in plan and 3D views. Scrolling the mouse wheel one click up or

down zooms in or out, centering on the location of your pointer and changing the zoom by about 10%.



Zooming in 3D Views


Zooming in 3D views does not change the camera’s location or field of view. Instead,the extents of the view are expanded or

cropped. You can alternatively set cameras to zoom by adjusting their Field of View. See “Render Panel” on page 96

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