Half-height walls affect ceiling

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I built a cradle for an acrylic bathtub with four half-height walls. I placed this into a room, but the half-height walls appear to affect the ceiling (with moldings removed) and ceiling moldings:


ceiling plan

Holes in the ceiling (shown as blue) that seem to align with the two far half-walls of the cradle:


Molding follows the holes, instead of the room walls:

ceiling moldings


Is there a way to prevent these half-height walls from affecting the ceiling?


If not, is there a better way to build a bath cradle?


I'm using Home Designer Suite 2015, build

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Yes, use cabinets instead of half walls.



Thanks, that looks promising - I'll give it a try.


EDIT: that worked very well, thank you.


P.S. the reason I used half-walls is due to this article: http://www.homedesignersoftware.com/support/article/KB-00886/

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Did you try setting the 1/2 walls to no locate , and/or no room definition ?



Yes, I did try that both of those but it had no effect on the ceiling result.


I think it is because the half-walls are parallel to and very close to the main walls. They don't cause a problem when they are perpendicular, or some distance away from the main walls.

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