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Hello -- 

I just spent six months creating our house addition plan in imperial measurements.  Our government body who approves variances and permits has just advised that all plans must now be in metric.   How do I do a simple imperial text to metric conversion?  I read in a help screen that this can only be done at the start of creating a project (!!), but maybe I'm using an older version and this was fixed?  Can someone let me know please?  If the program doesn't know how to do this, is there a workaround, like creating a new file for metric and copying the previous content into the new file?  So far I'm having no luck.   Thank you everyone for any advice.



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You can copy into a new metric based plan, but the dimensions will be wrong.


Experiment using a simple plan -- one room on one floor, maybe one window and one door.


Use Edit Area to select everything then paste into the new plan.


Chief does not do this either.

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