Benefit me to upgrade my HDarchitectural 2014 version to HDarch2019?

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I use the program to update and develop various buildings, (including the home), on a small farm.  The biggest limitations for my use are the difficulties creating porches and roof lines.

Better selections of furniture, finishes, and farm style doors (barn doors for actual barns please!) and such would be nice, but don't limit productivity.


To date 2014 has met my remodeling and space planning needs.  I'm soon to be starting to build new, albeit small, structures for farm use.  As a construction novice, cut lists and price overviews will be useful to me.


So?  would upgrading add productivity in any meaningful way?


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Whether my opinion is help or not is for you to decide. I think you would be better off upgrading to Home Designer Pro over a newer version of Architectural. Home Designer Pro allows you more freedom (once you learn its manual roof tools) to design roofs with greater ease and fewer barriers. It allows larger print sizes and it makes laying out more professional looking construction documents. It is more money, certainly but a newer version of Architectural adds but little compared to what HD Pro offers by default.



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