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Is it possible to create a terrain wall with multiple, stepped heights?  When I try to create multiple sections of terrain walls, they are automatically joined.  The "break wall" tool is apparently not functional either.


From what I can tell, it's impossible to create a "stepped" terrain wall like the one in the below photo.  Is that the case?



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I don't play with Terrains often but I believe Terrain Walls are actually Polylines not "walls" in the usual sense, so you can use the Break line tool if needed but it shouldn't be if you draw the wall in sections ie where you want the steps it will appear to join into one wall but if you turn on the "Edit objects Parts Tool" it will let you select the individual parts ( cos they are polylines (cad) not walls) and then you can set the height of each section in the DBX for that section once opened.


I see you have Suite so if these tools are not available you should still be able to draw them separately change the heights and then move them together. This is what I did for the two walls in the back of my pic below





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Hi Mark, I'm not sure what you mean by the "edit object parts" tool, or if it exists in Suite.  When I look at the normal edit dialog, there's no height specification for the selected wall subsection.  Your workaround with creating multiple walls, adjusting the height, then carefully pushing them together while holding control does sort of work though.  


You have to make sure that none of the walls is sitting on a snapped boundary.  Then you have to join them with the control key held so wall segments don't snap.  If you don't hold down control, they will snap together and destroy the height change.  It's a feature!

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Check your Reference Manual for " Edit Object Parts "  the PDf is available via the Help Menu if you don't already have it ?


I am unsure if it is in Suite but you may need to turn the Preference on too ,for me in Pro the icon turns up on the Display Toggles Toolbar, see if these two pics help .......


note red text in images



close up of Toolbar (moved off sidebar)






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Nope, nothing in the main help, nothing in the reference manual.  I find the limitations in suite largely arbitrary.  I'd like to see Chief Architect change their sales model into a hourly charge system rather than limiting random features that you only run into once you spend a significant amount of time modeling your home for personal use.


For instance, I have had to jam geometric shapes under my eaves to fill them in, I've had to do the same to fix ceilings, and now I have to jury rig outside walls because of Chief Architect attempts to differentiate me from a pro.  


Add this to the various annoying unfixed bugs I've run into and this makes for quite a frustrating end user experience.  

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Yes I know what you mean I started in Suite , then AHD, and now Pro. ( and want chief of course )


I guess it is cos Suite can't do any CAD work which Pro can , I was surprised your manual has only 1/2 the pages of Pro's one but I guess that would be right.


They have started renting Chief for $200 month in a rent to buy plan , it's yours after 15 months but I haven't seen similar ideas for Pro.

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