Deco beams under gables


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One of the problems with doing CAD drawings is that you cannot always think like a carpenter in assembling the pieces. In HD Pro, you cannot miter the ends of a roof beam to fit under a gable without the corners sticking through the roof. I tried using slab and countertop shapes. These shapes couldn't be shaped or rotated into position under the gable. The simple solution to this is to stack 2 or more rectangular objects on top of each other, pyramid style. (This is not a problem in Chief Architect, as you can create any kind of shaped polygon in space and place it anywhere). In the following pictures, gable1 and gable2 represent a single decorating beam sticking through the roof. Gable3,4,5 demonstrate the results of stacking 2 beams pyramid style with the result of no roof penetration.  Although this is a simple tip, it probably has many applications in HD Pro due to the lack of extensive polygon editing. Sometimes you have to think like a kid stacking blocks....






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Thankyou sooo.. much Solver. That was really easy!  To correct the orientation of the grain in the wood involves only using the Adjust Material Definition tool to turn the grain 90 degrees.


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