Architectural 2018 Roofing issues when upgrading plans from 2017 - issue 2


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This is just a follow-up from this previous post

It seems that Architectural 2018 have roofing issues as this house also have a roofing defect, again I suspect the "High Shed/Gable Wall" to be the cause of the issue. When removing all "High Shed/Gable Wall"'s, the roof falls back to it's normal (obviously without the cool high shed wall effect).

If this a bug, or does anyone know how to fix the issue?


Attahced is a .zip file containing the plan file.



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Brian, I think I found a workaround.  If you can open the plan with the 2017 program, open the build roof specification and UNCHECK auto roof.  Save the plan with a new name.  I successfully opened the newly saved plan and the roofs looked right in 2018.


Hopefully this will work for you in Architectural as well.



2018 autorebuild off..JPG

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