Indoor garden of multiple floor building

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Hi guys,

I posted a couple days ago about how to build indoor garden which I got helped with the indoor terrain which was great. Thanks for the help.

I ran into another problem. So I was building a garden shed in the same plan and when I change the materials of the roof it changes the material of the sheds and the entire building. I tried to but a room divider around the shed but it did not work. Also when I attempt to add another floor to the building, It add the floors to the entire structures instead of excluding the garden area. I tried to put it builds second floor based on 1st floor plan but it did not work either. I am using Homedesinger 2015 Academic version.

My main focus is obviously the garden so it s not the end of the world for me if the buildings not well built. But I still want to rebuild the surrounding at best to help recreating the problems with shading and snow falling for the plants. 

Thanks you guys so much

Duc plan.plan

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