Question About The CAD Tools & 3D Objects

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Does anyone know if it's possible to make your own 3D objects in the Home Designer? Is that what the CAD tools are for? I also wanted to know how to use the CAD tools, cuz when I draw stuff with them, they don't show up in the 3D view. I use Architectural 2014 ~ I hope to read a reply soon.:)

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Making Symbols can only be done in Chief , though you can make some Objects out of library items and them save them as an Architectural Block  eg stone clad columns made out of Shapes and the library's Brackets .....


( see other post on columns if you want to look at them here


CAD items only show in Elevations or plan view , unless you have the ability to "convert polylines" in HDA? but that maybe a Pro Feature though it is pretty limited to what is convertible to 3D objects eg a slab ,which you can use the Slab tool for anyway..(in Pro).


You can however import .skp files from Sketchup 3D Warehouse  as well as other sources , check you import>3D menu for your Title's available import options eg .3DS or  .OBJ files too. (Mac versions can use .DAE but not .skp at this time)


You may get lucky if using a 2015 version to find something on the ChiefTalk X6 Symbols Library  too


of course don't forget to get all the Bonus and Manufacturer's Libraries on the Website....



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