Is there a way of splitting my screen...


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I know that I seem to do things in a way that is totally different to how others might but that is just me and I seem to, somehow, always get there in the end.


I am busy splitting my office block into individual office areas.  At the same time I am also labelling the offices and placing desks (370 of them) and things within the offices.  BUT I am doing this on two separate plans because the "furniture" plan is for illustration purposes only and I want to keep it totally separate from the main plan.


Obviously I am moving internal walls around while doing the office layout and allocation and while I know that I can flip between one plan and the other (which is somewhat laborious and time consuming) I would really prefer it if I could split my screen and have the relevant sections of both plans visible at the same time so that what I do in one split section I can do immediately in the second.


Is this possible or am I hoping for too much?  Which wouldn't surprise me at all.

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Hi Keith

I think I understand what you are trying to do.

If you open both files (plans) and select  Window>Tile  Vertically you will have both plans side by side.

A shorcut to this is to hit SHIFT-F6.

I am based in the UK so it would be good to swap ideas (in Metric of course!)



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