Cupola Thread Continued ...

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Yep sorry BB Boy , your thread has gone a little off track but it doesn't sound like you are working on it right now? no problem with adding Post library here there is a new 10mb limit on files not the 100KB on the old forum. you can't however post calibz files you have to .zip them 1st.


MHD StoneClad


The Columns I made and DMDz Columns I posted in the old thread. hope the help BB Boy.





**** Edit the MHD Columns are Architectural Blocks ( made in Pro 10) so need exploding so you can alter heights/colours/sizes etc


DMDz Columns are made in Chief so are editable without exploding the block 1st. and are here if you want them:

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Thanks Mick. No that plan is awaiting approval of the building committee. If they tell me to proceed and I must do "working dwgs" I will be hunting solutions most likely. I am now working on a much larger (important) project consuming my time! :)

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