Printing a 1:50 scale plan on A3 paper

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I'm trying to print a large plan on A3 paper at 1:50 or 1 cm : 0.5 metre scale with Home Designer Pro 2015. I want the plan to span over a few A3 pages so it can be put together like a puzzle. However, in print preview it will only show half the plan on the page?


Any ideas how I can do this?

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this thread from last week covers a lot on how to print to sizes outside allowed sizes via PDF and using scaled drawings , sounds like you could print to A0 same as Keith in this thread



Edit:  I think I may have mis-read your request......I guess you already own an A3 printer  and want to use it and don't mind taping pages together....


Never done this but hopefully this is what you need :


set the Printer paper size to A3    ( check box for page breaks and landscape)


set Drawing sheet to A1  (if possible)  if not use the customise button and copy A3 and edit its sizes and name to A1 eg 594x841mm

                                                             (check box for show drawing sheet and landscape)


set desired scale  and hit ok


check print preview to see if you scale is correct.



the above should have you printing 4 sheets of A3 to get the A1 page  , you could of course printer to A0 or perhaps any size you want using multiples of A3 sizes and portrait or landscape mode.


please post back on the results, thanks.

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