Home Designer Interior 2015 - Missing the spline tool for creating walkthrough path... help!


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Hi everyone, 

I am a newbie to this program... still in the learning process and have been watching the tutorial video online

Now I have gone through the hardest part which is the design part... however, when I tried to record the walkthrough by creating a path on the floor plan with the arrow function under CAD, it would never work. 

The tutorial video mentions something about a "spline tool" under CAD, but it was no where to be found... (I only saw the "Dimension" and "Text" tabs under CAD)

I used the "Text line with arrow" to draw a path on my floor plan (which I knew it should not be, but that's the closest thing I could get under CAD). 

Can someone just guide me through please? 

Thanks a bunch!

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